5 Takeaways From the Last N.Y.C. Mayoral Debate

, 5 Takeaways From the Last N.Y.C. Mayoral Debate, The Habari News New York
, 5 Takeaways From the Last N.Y.C. Mayoral Debate, The Habari News New York

Mr. Adams, who has said he was a victim of police brutality and spent much of his police career advocating for changes from within the system, also described his plan for bringing back an overhauled plainclothes unit to target gangs, “target those who are using guns.” His proposal has discomfited some New Yorkers who want to see the power of the police scaled back.

And Mr. Sliwa indicated, in his typical forceful language, that he wants to empower the police to the greatest extent possible.

Issues of education — and the best way to make public schools more integrated and equitable — do not necessarily break down along neat ideological lines. Both Mr. Adams and Mr. Sliwa have expressed concerns over Mr. de Blasio’s decision to end the gifted and talented program for elementary school children. They have said, instead, that they want to expand the program, positions that they revisited on Tuesday night.

For a brief moment, the candidates did not fight with each other. They communed over animals. More precisely, Mr. Sliwa praised Mr. Adams’s decision to forgo eating animals, while Mr. Adams praised Mr. Sliwa’s work in rescuing them.

The moment of bonhomie did not happen without some prodding.

, 5 Takeaways From the Last N.Y.C. Mayoral Debate, The Habari News New York

Toward the end of the debate, Mr. Ritter asked the candidates to say something “nice” about their opponent.

“I take my hat off to Curtis, what he is doing with cats,” said Mr. Adams, perhaps referring to Mr. Sliwa’s advocacy for no-kill shelters, or perhaps to the more than a dozen cats that share a 320-square-foot studio apartment with Mr. Sliwa and his wife. “I think we need to be humane to all living beings.”

Mr. Sliwa was even more effusive in his praise for Mr. Adams’s decision to become a vegan.

“His promotion of a vegan way of life to avoid serious medical issues has probably already helped dozens, maybe hundreds, maybe thousands of people,” Mr. Sliwa said. “As someone who has been in the hospital many, many times, I hope one day to be a vegan.”

Right now, Mr. Sliwa added, he is “at the vegetarian stage.”